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  Click on highlighted titles to hear sound samples. Some titles also have pdf excerpts and/or YouTube video clips.
  DOWLAND'S TEARS   2011   8:00   10 flutes (7 C, 3 bass)
  Ariadne Press 11056   score       YouTube, program notes
  PIANO E-TUDE   2009   10:00   piano, voice and taped piano e-bowed tones
  Ariadne Press 09054           program notes
  BACH'S SET   2007   11:30 solo cello and 8 taped cellos
  Ariadne Press 07051   score       program notes (pdf), YouTube
  NOTES PASSING NOTES 2007 14:15 2 live and 2 taped women's voices
  Premiered 1/2007 by International Wow Company, P.S. 122, NYC, (revision of 1981 piece)
  Ariadne Press 07050   score       program notes (pdf)
  GULF WAR SYNDRONE (band) 2006 6:00 piano, clarinet, cello, percussion & tape
  Premiered 11/2006 by The EAR Unit, Red Cat Theater, Los Angeles
  Ariadne Press 06049           program notes (pdf)
  GULF WAR SYNDRONE (solo) 2006 6:00 synthesizer & tape
  Premiered 1/2006 by The MJ Leach, Chapel & Cultural Center RPI, Troy, NY
  Ariadne Press 06048           program notes (pdf)
  GULF WAR SYNDRONE 2004 8:00 piano, synthesizer, clarinet, 2-4 other voices, & tape
  Commissioned by The DownTown Ensemble
  Premiered 10/2004 by The DownTown Ensemble, Sounds LIke Now Festival, La MaMa, NYC
  Ariadne Press 04047           program notes (pdf)
WOLFF TONES E-TUDE 2004 10:00 piano, 2 sustaining instruments, & 2-4 melody instruments
Commissioned by The DownTown Ensemble
Premiered 4/2004 by The DownTown Ensemble, Renee Weiller Hall, NYC
Ariadne Press 04046           program notes (pdf)
  DIDO IN A MINUTE 2003 1:00 synthesizer and tape
  Recording on 60X60 Project, Capstone CPS-8744
  Ariadne Press 03045           program notes (pdf)
COPRALALIA, LA LA LA 2002 5:00 2 sopranos and tape, text by Castelloza
Premiered 5/2002 by Anna Dembska and MJ Leach, Renee Weiller Hall, NYC
Ariadne Press 02042   score   program notes (pdf) lyrics (pdf)
DIDO REMEMBERED 2002 20:00 synthesizer and tape
Premiered 5/2002 by MJ Leach, Renee Weiller Hall, NYC
Ariadne Press 02043           program notes (pdf)
TRICKY PAN 1995 9:30 solo countertenor and 8 taped tenor/countertenors
Commissioned by The Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust
Premiered 3/1995 by David Lee Echelard, Roulette, NYC
Recording on Ariadne's Lament, New World Records 80525
Ariadne Press 95024   score   program notes (pdf) lyrics (pdf)
XANTIPPE'S REBUKE 1993 9:20 solo oboe and 8 taped oboes
Commissioned by Libby Van Cleve
Premiered 11/1993 by Libby Van Cleve, 5th Species, Theatre Passe Muraille, Toronto
Recording on The Aerial, Issue 6, AER1994/6 (1995)
Ariadne Press 93022   score   program notes (pdf)
FEU DE JOIE 1992 8:50 solo bassoon and 6 taped bassoons
Commissioned by Shannon Peet
Premiered 5/1992 by Shannon Peet, 5th Species, Harbourfront, Toronto
Recorded 5/1992 for broadcast by WNYC and 7/1992 on CBC, performed by Shannon Peet
Recording on Celestial Fires, XI 107
Ariadne Press 92019   score   program notes (pdf)
KIRCHTRAUM 1992 23:00 radio sound piece (hörspiel)
  Commissioned and recorded for broadcast by Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Köln
  Premiered 3/1992 on Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR), Köln
  Ariadne Press 92018           program notes (pdf)
  THE UPPER ROOM 1990 15:00 synthesizer
  Commissioned for an installation by Sheila Ross
  Premiered 6/1990 by MJ Leach, BACA Downtown, Brooklyn
  Ariadne Press 90017            
  HER THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS 1988 1:45:00 8 taped voices a cappella
  Commissioned for a dance concert by Marjorie Gamso
  Premiered 1/1988 by Jack Eppler, Louise Sunshine, and MJ Leach; Marymount College, NYC
  Ariadne Press 88012            
TRIO FOR DUO 1985 10:10 alto flute and voice and taped alto flute and voice
  Commissioned by Newband
  Premiered 3/1985 by Stefani Starin and MJ Leach, Theater of the Open Eye, NYC
  Recorded 6/1990 for broadcast by Radio Bremen
  Recording on Celestial Fires, XI 107
  Ariadne Press 85004   score   program notes (pdf), YouTube
4BC 1984 18:45 4 bass clarinets (live or taped)
  Premiered 6/1984 by MJ Leach, Experimental Intermedia Foundation, NYC
  Published in Soundings XVI
  Ariadne Press 84003   score   program notes (pdf), YouTube
HELD HELD 1984 18:10 alto flute and voice and taped alto flute and voice
  Premiered 6/1984 by Barbara Held and MJ Leach, Experimental Intermedia Foundation, NYC
  Ariadne Press 84002   score   program notes (pdf)
  NOTE PASSING NOTE 1981 14:15 solo and taped women's voice
  Premiered 10/1981 by MJ Leach, Ohio Performance Space, NYC
  Recorded 5/1983 by WKCR, NYC
  Published in EAR Magazine, Vol. 8, #1-2, Feb.-May 1983
Ariadne Press 81001   score       program notes (pdf)


Publishers: C.F. Peters and Ariadne Press

Ariadne's Lament, New World 80525-2

Celestial Fires, XI 107

Aerial 6, AER1994/6

C 60X60 Project Capstone CPS-8744

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